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Aaron Wolinski is owner and founder of Avatar Media Productions, a premier DJ Service for Northern Michigan.

Aaron Wolinski

Aaron Wolinski

Aaron works closely with all of his clients to ensure the best possible  experience for your wedding or event.

About Aaron Wolinski

Aaron Wolinski  offers a rare combination of high quality professional event services along with surprisingly affordable rates and packages.

Give Aaron a call and we’ll show you how to make your wedding or event a memorable and exciting time

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Background on Aaron

Born in 1975, from an extremely early age Aaron was exposed to a wide range of music spanning from roots reggae like Peter Tosh and Bob Marley, to various other sounds, namely The Beatles, Miles Davis, Motown and countless other influential artists.

Aaron acquired his first guitar in the 5th grade and later took lessons to master the strings. He was influenced by the likes of Eric Clapton, CSN&Y, and traditional songs of many different styles and genres.

Later in the 7th grade, Aaron started practicing alto saxophone, playing in the school orchestra.  In his early teens, Aaron started getting into rock ’n’ roll and other eclectic sounds. Further diversifying his musical portfolio, Aaron bought a bass guitar. He was well on his way to forming his first of many, many bands over the years including: The Vibe Tribe, Jolives, Court Magicians, Freel, Wandering Eye, Speakeasy, Hoopla, Zillion, Normal Neighbor, Fairchild, etc.

Music Experience & Education

Aaron Wolinski Music ProductionParallel to Aaron’s interest in performing and touring with musicians and bands, he started cultivating an interest in audio production. He bought a four-track tape recorder and consistently recorded band practice, gigs, and performances of other groups in the area.

This interest transformed into a passion, leading Aaron Wolinski to begin his studies in Broadcast Communications at Specs Howard School of Broadcast Arts based in Detroit, Michigan.  While attending Specs Howard School of Broadcast Arts, he purchased the first 16 track DAW station and began taking on voice-over work for commercial radio.  

After completing his education at Specs, Aaron became the morning show host on 97.5/98.9 WKLT. In short time, he soon doubled as the Production Director for 106.7 WKPK, 92.9/94.5 WBYB, and 97.5/98.9 WKLT.  

Entrepreneurship Behind Aaron Wolinski

Simultaneously, Aaron Wolinski took on DJ gigs all over the Traverse City region and Northern Michigan for a local company called Aardvark Sound. Shortly after, Aaron took the entrepreneurial route, starting his own company, Avatar Media Productions.

Through Avatar Media Productions, Aaron provides a professional DJ service for weddings, parties, and events all throughout Northern Michigan. In addition to serving as one of the top DJs in the Traverse City area, Aaron has established and maintained lasting relationships with several of the area’s premier music venues, as well as with artists and musicians.Aaron Wolinsk Audio Engineer

Later, Aaron Wolinski launched his first production company called Levity Productions. Under Levity Productions, Aaron would produce many artists independently, as well as in collaboration with nationally renowned bassist Jay Kott. Aaron went on to help produce the likes of Ron Getz, Mike Moran, Brainpan, Kurt Bowman, Rachel Borovik, and his own production, Twitchy, in which Aaron Wolinski played/wrote/c0-produced the entire album.

After the dissolution of Levity Productions, Aaron launched his next big project, Spiral Sound, which would focus on both music production and audio engineering. Through Spiral Sound, Aaron would eventually write, produce, and engineer with talented artists and groups like: Tim Harding, Blake Elliott & The Robinson Affair, E Minor, Clint, Levi Britton, Majjic, Matt Arnold, Nommos, Christopher Dark, Dave Crater, Rhetty Betty, Hans Teichman, Mue Sephei, Seldomtone, Phenomenal Head and the FunDubMentals, among many others.

Aaron Wolinski in the Film Industry

Rounding out Aaron Wolinski’s career in music production and audio engineering, he eventually became involved in many different film productions. Aaron served as the lead audio engineer for Michael Moore’s Capitalism: A Love Story, which went on to become an Oscar Nominated film.

Aaron Wolinski DJ Services

Aaron was also head composer and audio engineer for Somewhere West, an independent film that won a number of awards at film festivals throughout the nation. He later contributed audio engineer and voice-over services for the the film Looking for the Missing Link and appeared in the documentary film Art Officially Favored.